PowWowNow vs Con-Flab

Find out why Con-Flab is the better alternative to Powwownow

Not all conference services are the same. The biggest factors in choosing your conferences provider should be: reliability, ease of use and cost of service.

Con-Flab, is a telco-grade service brought to you by UK providers, Liquid11, the same people that brought you SwitchboardFREE.

See the below comparison chart to compare our service against the UK's best advertised conference service, Powwownow, and see how you and your conference participants can save big money and still communicate more efficiently.

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Powwownow's short-code can work out expensive

Powwownow utilise a voice short-code phone number to access their service from a mobile phone.
This is charged at 15p a min including vat, but some mobile networks can charge you an additional access charge. The cost of this is dependant on the mobile network and everyone is different. Its best to check with your provider before calling short-codes as the cost can range from 20p to £2! Con-Flab, however, provides its users with an 0333 number, which is free-to-call from your mobile when utilising inclusive mobile minutes.

Powwownow comparison versus Con-Flab

Calling from a mobile with inclusive minutes Access charges from mobile provider Average saving per conference
Powwownow 15p/min From 20p to £2 Depending on mobile network
Con-Flab Free No charges £30.70*

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Details and pricing correct at time of publishing this page.
Powwownow also offer all-inclusive packages which Con-Flab do not offer. 0843 number are used to access the conference service from landlines only and international callers can use a London (0203) number which are priced reasonably and is accessible easily from most countries in the world.

* Based on a conference lasting 36 minutes with participants calling in from a mobile.
Having processed over 250,000 conference calls Con-Flab has already saved UK businesses tens of thousands of pounds.
Savings also based on using Con-Flab over the Powwowonow PAYG service, when calling from your mobile phone with inclusive minutes.