Commonly asked questions about our conference call service

Does Con-Flab charge for hosting the conference call service?

No, You don't have to pay us at all to use our conference call service. You only pay the same as you would if making a phone call to a regular landline/mobile, which if you have inclusive minutes available the call will be included in these minutes.

If you are calling the 084 number from a landline you will be charged just 5.8p/min (+VAT and your telephone provider's access charge).

This sounds too good to be true...

Everyone thinks you can never get something for nothing, but here at Con-Flab we love our customers. Calls to our 03 number from a mobile are included in your inclusive mobile minutes, meaning if you have inclusive minutes to use you can call into a Con-Flab conference call absolutely free.

How long does the PIN last?

Conference PIN number expires after 30 days of not being used. As long as you use your PIN number at least once every 30 days then the
PIN number will never expire. You will receive regular updates via email if your pin number is due to expire.

How can I listen to the recording?

To listen to your conference recording click here and enter the email address and administrator pin for your conference. Alternativley you can access you recordings using the con-flab iPhone or Android apps.

Where do I get my admin PIN from?

The admin PIN is displayed when the conference call is scheduled and also emailed to the email address entered when scheduling
your conference call.

Can I use the same information for each conference?

Yes, you can re-use the pin number provided as many times as you wish. As long as the pin number is used once every 30 days then you
can continue using it indefinitley.

Do I need to let participants know the call is being recorded?

Requirements in relation to notifying callers of call recording are dependent on many factors including industry and the what the recording is
to be used for. We advise that independent advice is sought on requirements specific to your company.

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