Our free conference call service features

Free to all UK, International and Mobile Users

Free conference calls for UK, International and mobile users

This service is free to use within the UK with no setup fee or monthly subscription, you just pay the same as you would if making a phone call to a regular landline.

Calling the 084 number is just 5.8p (+VAT and your telephone company’s access charge). If dialling in from a mobile phone we supply an 03 number that uses only your inclusive mobile minutes, with no additional per minute charges whatsoever! Dialling in from outside of the UK is easy too, we also supply a low-cost memorable international number so participants can join your conference from wherever they are.

Call Recording Available

Free Conference Recording as standard (optional)

Recordings are made as standard for all conferences. They are available to download by using the ADMIN only PIN via the website or mobile app.

This feature is on by default and can be switched off when making a conference via the website or mobile app.

Conference recording is excellent for minute taking from conferences as well as meeting legal requirements for some important calls.

Control Your Conferences

Control your conferences

The conference creator and designated administrators have full control during the conference. They have the ability to remove participants, prevent new participants from joining and to set the volume levels of the conference.

Administrators also have the option to download the conference recording as soon as the conference has ended.

Listen Only Pin

Listen only participation

Listen only participation is for users that you wish to listen to your conference but not have the ability to contribute further.

This option is perfect for webinars, lectures and any other form of conference where you want people to be able to listen to what you have to say but not be able to contribute to the conversation. Give each individual user either a Listen Only PIN or a Participant PIN.

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Microsoft addon

Free Conference Calls Outlook add-in

Con-Flab's Free Conference Calls Outlook plugin makes it even more convenient and straight forward to organise your conference call. With just 3 clicks you can create your own unique conference call pin directly within your outlook calendar at the same time as sending out invitations to all of your participants. If you use Outlook 2013 onwards on Windows, Outlook 2016 on Mac or Outlook on the Web then download the Con-Flab, Free Conference Calls outlook add-in for free.

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Amazon Con-Flab conference skill

Free Conference Calls Amazon Alexa skill

Con-Flab skill creates a new free Con-Flab conference and provides details on how to connect to the conference. The skill requires users to link their Amazon account in order to receive a confirmation email after a new conference is created.

To create your Con-Flab conference through Alexa just say the following:

"Alexa, open conflab" or "Alexa, begin conflab" or "Alexa, tell conflab to create new conference".

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UK Design & Support

UK Design & Support

This product was designed and built in the UK and is hosted at the renowned Cambridge Science Park.

Product support is UK based and we are pleased to report that we even pay our taxes in the UK! By using and recommending this product you can be proud to support the UK economy and be assured of the best level of service possible.