Compare free conference call services

Which is the best free conference call service?

There are many “free conference calling” services available but are they actually free? Are there hidden costs? Do basic features cost money? We will answer these questions below and compare some of these so-called free conference services.

The biggest hidden costs with some free conference calling services are the dial-in numbers to enter your conference. Research from Deloitte shows that 95% of smartphone owners aged 16-75 have used their device in the last day meaning it is more likely that people will join their conference via their mobile phone.

Number types

There are three number types that are commonly used to call into a conference call. These are 084 numbers, mobile short code numbers and 03 numbers.

084 numbers

084 numbers are the most expensive to call from mobile, being up to 55p per minute access charge plus up to 7p per minute service charge. For a 15-minute call, this would add up to a hefty £9.30 just for one person. No one wants to be paying that much for one call! Below is a table showing you how much it would cost for a 15-minute call from many UK mobile providers.

Mobile Provider Access Charge/min Total cost for 15 min call
EE (contract) 55p £9.30
EE (pay as you go) 44p £7.65
Three (contract) 55p £9.30
Three (pay as you go) 45p £7.80
O2 55p £9.30
Vodafone 55p £9.30
BT Mobile 30p £5.55
GiffGaff 25p £4.80

Prices accurate as of 25/10/2018

Mobile short codes

Next are mobile short codes. These are 5 or 6-digit codes that can only be called via a mobile. Mobile short codes are a cheaper alternative to calling an 084 number but still carry a cost of 12.5p per minute. This would make your 15-minute conference call £1.88. It is cheaper but not free!

03 numbers

Finally, 03 numbers use your inclusive mobile minutes at no extra cost. This means that there are no hidden access or service charges added on when dialling the number. If you have inclusive minutes available on your mobile, then your 15-minute conference call will be FREE!

Now you know the number costs, let’s have a look at some of these free (or not) conference calling services…

  • Only offers 084 and mobile short code numbers
  • Recordings only kept for 7 days
  • No apps available to simply schedule your conference offers no free way of calling into your conference via mobile meaning your conference participants will have to pay the hefty sum that no one wants!

To record your conference call, you must enter a key combination to start the recording. If you forget to select to record your conference, then there is no way to get it! If you do decide to record your call, the recordings are only available for 7 days. Con-Flab keeps all recordings for 90 days that you can easily download.

There are no mobile apps to help schedule your conference call and listen to your recordings. Con-Flab offers both apps for Android and iOS where you can listen to your past conference calls hassle free!


  • Only 084 number and mobile short code
  • £9.99 for a pro subscription that unlocks local rate/freephone numbers

PowWowNow is another free conference call but has the same expensive dial-in costs for mobile unless you want to pay the £9.99/month pro package cost. Con-Flab offers a free 03 number for mobile users to dial in with.


  • Only 084 number and mobile short code available
  • No Android/iOS apps
  • No free call recording

ConferenceNow is a similar story to the other conference call services where they only offer the rather expensive 084 and mobile short code numbers. On top of that ConferenceNow does not offer free call recordings and does not have an Android or iOS app – both what Con-Flab offers for free!

Now you have the facts, make your next conference call a Con-Flab conference call and save money today! Make sure to grab our apps for Android, iOS, Outlook and Amazon Alexa to schedule your conference with ease.

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